Friday, 16 July 2010

Masters' methadrone - 14th July 2010

Not quite half way through my year but the future already beckons.

In the Livery world, Masters are installed at different times of the year but July is a particularly busy time for handovers from one Master to another. So just as you have got the name right of the person wearing a particular badge, a stranger turns up, saying "I'm Master So and So" and you think to yourself, "No you're not, my friend N is!"

Following the Masters' visit to Ironbridge in June we have formed our year group association for 2009-10 (for all those who are Masters/Upper Bailiff/Prime Wardens in the year of Lord Mayor Nick Anstee). The committee had its first meeting on Tuesday this week to write the constitution and start planning future ways of promoting fellowship among the 100+ likely members.

These associations could be described as the Masters' methadrone - helping reduce withdrawal symptoms of losing office!

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