Monday, 12 July 2010

Financial Services Group gets up steam - Tuesday 6th 2010

Today the Financial Services Group of Livery Companies (now 12 with the International Bankers joining as observers) met with the new Sheriffs-elect to brief them and hear from them about their plans so far for the year ahead. Alderman Fiona Woolf and Richard Sermon both took part and engaged with enthusiasm, following in the footsteps of Alderman Michael Bear, prospective Lord Mayor for next year, whom we met a few weeks ago. It looks like a good year ahead.

The Group also gave its support for and inputs to a draft presentation I am preparing for the course run in September for Court Assistants and Wardens by the Livery Committee. It's intended to help Liverymen understand and champion the "Business City" as well as the "Civic City". Watch this space.

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