Monday, 26 July 2010

From the old to the new - Thursday 22nd July

Last night with the Basketmakers, founded 1569. Tonight with the Insurers, founded 1979.

While both displayed the common values of the Livery, at one the conversation was mostly social, at the other there was more discussion of a commercial nature. This illustrates the variety among Livery Companies. One could almost segment them into:
  • the modern companies, almost entirely made up of professionals from the 'trade';
  • the old and wealthy, whose members often join through patrimony, and who spend a great deal of time managing trusts and charitable works;
  • the niche, perhaps with an ancient trade that has no modern equivalent;
  • the ancient but modernised, who have allied themselves to a new, related trade or profession.

The marketers among you will have spotted that I have fallen into the temptation of segmentation by characteristics rather than by need, but it's only a bit of fun!

The Master Insurer, Graeme King, is a Scot so his excellent dinner was rounded off with a poem from the much-ridiculed poet, William McGonagall, and live bagpipe music.

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