Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Divine Service prior to Election of the Lord Mayor Monday 30th September

St Lawrence Jewry, the official church of the Corporation of London sits adjacent to Guildhall Yard and is the venue for a short civic service immediately preceding the election of the Lord Mayor in Guildhall and is attended by the Masters of the livery companies.

An interesting feature of this service is an adaption of a well-known hymn with wording dedicated towards the City:

O Praise ye the Lord, fraternities all,
With each patron saint, with Lawrence and Paul,
Praise God in this City, in his name we strive,
And pray for our liveries, long may they survive.

O Masters of guilds,in livery adorned,
Your mysteries keep and strive to be formed
In charity, service, and care for the poor,
Bring God his due honour, and praise Him the more.

Prepare ye to serve, all Aldermen too,
In each of your tasks be faithful and true;
With eye to the Father, and ear on your ward
With all this City, O praise ye the Lord!


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