Wednesday, 23 October 2013

151 (London) Transport Regiment's Curry Night Tuesday 22nd October at 240 Transport Squadron's TA Centre at Barnet

Over the year the Marketors, and myself in particular, have developed and maintained a really special relationship with 151 (London) Transport Regiment. The Regiment is London's only logistic regiment and part of the Royal Logistic Corps. The soldiers and officers come from all walks of civilian life and represent the diversity of Greater London and beyond. Their promotional material states you don't have to be a professional driver to join the Regiment.   Having been only that morning to Thruxton race circuit for a Jaguar experience (see previous blog!), I felt very humbled when I went to visit the Transport Squadron in Barnet in the evening.  Here I met the men and women of the Regiment and learned how they drive the most unwieldy and difficult vehicles over very challenging terrain in the course of their part-time volunteer work - and love it! The Regiment includes professional drivers, communication specialists, Chefs, HR specialists, medics and engineers, to name but a few  - because that is what they all are - trained professionals giving of their time to form a volunteer reserve able to reinforce the Regular Army in time of emergency.
It was a fascinating evening, organised by Freeman Michael Smeeth, and supported by some twenty Marketors and guests, including the Senior and Junior Wardens. We heard from the Commanding Officer, Lt Col John Kerner about their new 2014 'rebranding' as the Army Reserve, the increasing dependency on the reservists to fill the many gaps in the regular Army, and the enthusiasm of the Regiment to take on a broader and more 'regular' role. The commitment of the Regiment to train to an absolute top standard in all they do and the inherent skills that they all bring from their working life - medical, managerial, engineering - is second to none. I did express my wish that there should be a marketing campaign to build greater awareness in business of how invaluable these men and women are to the British Army and the need for all employers to understand the dependency and necessity of supporting this dedicated volunteer resource. 
The skills of 151 were all too evident in the fantastic food that had been prepared by the Chef.  I gather she had taken the day off work to make sure the curry was perfect for us visitors and for the 151 members present - which it certainly was.  Many thanks to all involved. 

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