Friday, 24 August 2012

Wit and Wisdom


Having sat in the sun at the Scoop listening to a New Orleans jazz band over lunch yesterday, and attended the launch, on the roof of the Trafalgar Hotel, in the sun, of Let It Be, the new Beatles musical, it was not surprising that I turned up to the RAC Club in the evening somewhat red faced and sun burnt. The occasion was the much anticipated informal supper evening with Court Assistant Emeritus Professor Martyn Davis.

The event was entitled "Marketing Internationally" and billed as a light-hearted guide to face-to-face communications abroad. Not surprisingly all present delighted in the wit and wisdom of Martyn as he regaled us with stories of his exploits from around the world, while also introducing us to his essential tool kit for survival on the international circuit. With experience ranging across countries from Brazil to the Ukraine and civic awards from many of them, this ex Harvard man had the audience enthralled, and when you consider that most of those in attendance were experienced travellers, this was quite an achievement. It was indeed both a truly entertaining and an educational evening for us all. Our thanks to Martyn.

My thank also go to Liveryman Michael Beddingfield, who is the Marketing Director of the RAC, for the use of this splendid location, and particularly to Jane Wharem, the Event Director, without whose time and energy this event would not have happened.

John Flynn
Master Marketor

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