Thursday, 26 July 2012

St Brides Gala


St Bridges Church, the Marketors church, is tucked away behind Fleet Street. This magical space was designed by Sir Christopher Wren and completed in 1703. Its 226 foot spire looks remarkably like a wedding cake, but the reality is that wedding cakes look like it. Excavation has unearthed at least six previous churches on the site with artifacts dating back to 45AD. To learn more of its fascinating history visit . So why here on this night?

As part of the Olympic celebration St Brides have five very different celebrations leading up to the opening. Tonight was a gala concert in support of the Inspire!Appeal - repairing the iconic spire. The magnificent St Brides choir of over 40 voices was joined by the orchestra of over 30 musicians for an evening entitled "Claire Seaton & Friends" which was a tribute to Claire who has been with St Brides for 25 years. Led by her the programme of 15 pieces included such delights as Pie Jesu, the Flower Duet, Au fond du temple saint, the Easter Hymn and surprises such as Three little maids and a variation of I've got them on the list sung by Cannon David Meara as a tribute to Claire. The skill and artistry of the musicians and singers, coupled with the acoustics in this beautiful church made this truly a night to remember.

John Flynn
Master Marketor  

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