Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Old Bailey


Back to the Central Criminal Court, the Old Bailey, for the second time this year, but on this occasion with the Mistress. Fortunately this was because of the good that the Marketors do rather than a misdemeanour on my part. The occasion was the Annual General Meeting of the Sheriffs' and Recorder's Fund, a charity which was set up in 1808 to help London's ex-prisoners and their families. The grants made cover such needs as tools of trade, education & training, clothing and household equipment. Of those receiving the grants 10% re-offend within 6 months against a national rate of 53% - so a real success.

The speakers included a beneficiary of the fund who gave a moving description of her experience. She was followed by The Rt Revd. & Rt Hon. Richard Chartes, the Bishop of London. His was possibly the best speech I have heard this year. It was at one, moving, entertaining, informative and rousing, but then, as a neighbour said "he does have the advantage of sounding like God".

John Flynn
Master Marketor  

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