Saturday, 18 December 2010

Writer's cramp for Christmas - w/c 13th December 2010

We may be approaching Christmas but there is a year-end wave of physical mail to go out to members.

Court Assistant David Williams has produced a fabulous souvenir brochure of our Royal Charter celebrations, which encloses a DVD produced through the good offices of Court Assistant Peter Rees and Freeman Richard Teideman. They all hit the postal service late last week and most seemed to have arrived before the big snows of 17th December.

Christmas cards have been bought (from a brain tumour research charity) signed and sent to all members. Yes we could have done an electronic one and donated the money saved to charity, but it's not quite so personal is it?

The Marketors' Trust is making a special appeal for funds to support a second undergraduate student from the poorer boroughs around the City, so letters on that are going to all members too.

It's easy to forget just how much time it takes to write, stuff, seal and send 450 items. As always, it was a team effort.

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