Friday, 17 December 2010

Presenting the new FSG booklet to the Lord Mayor - Tuesday 30th November 2010

My apologies for the gap of more than two weeks since the last post.

The Financial Services Group of livery companies, now twelve in number since the International Bankers decided to become full members, produces a booklet each year which is presented to the new Lord Mayor, shortly after his or her installation.

The booklet describes the aims of the FSG, gives some facts and figures and explains how each company is supporting the current Lord Mayor's 'City of London: City of choice' theme.

The FSG's Convenor, Jeremy Goford (a Past Master Actuary), led the group of representatives who witnessed this year's presentation. If you would like a copy of the booklet, Marketors can get one from our Clerk, otherwise please contact the FSG Secretary, Michael Chitty at

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