Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Tea with the Queen, Tuesday 22nd June 2010

A quick snap taken on the way out of Buckingham Palace just to show you the hats - it was a very hot day so we were glad of them and the parasol. We had spent the afternoon in the gardens of Buckingham Palace together with about 6,000 others invited for one of HM The Queen's annual garden parties. The gardens are beautiful, with a lake and herbaceous border with blue delphiniums in bloom and everything else about to burst into flower. The roses were just blowing over but still glorious.
Everyone looks wonderful in their best outfits (many of the men looking drop-dead gorgeous in uniforms) and they all have an interesting story to tell, whether they are a Lord Lieutenant or a stalwart of the NHS, high or low, they have all contributed something to the civic life of the country.
The staff had catered for the heat with plentiful supplies of lemon squash from the outset, and iced coffee as an option for tea. There are three large tents serving tea, the Royal Tent identified by the gold crown on top of it. Through-the-line branding was evident in the small gold crowns topping the pieces of chocolate cake. By the end of the afternoon many of the ladies' feet had had enough and we saw some carrying their shoes as they made their way home.

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