Wednesday, 30 June 2010

A sword presented to St Dunstan's College CCF, Saturday 26th June 2010

I hope to have some "action" pictures from this event before long, but this is how the great hall at St Dunstan's College looked for their Combined Cadet Force dinner last weekend. It is the first opportunity that most of the students have to attend a black tie event and to learn the rules and expected behaviours. (And they more than lived up to expectations.)
It is an occasion for presenting prizes to both the Army and Royal Navy sections. Last year, Liveryman David Williams noticed that the senior Army Cadet was awarded a sword of honour, but that there was no equivalent for the senior Naval Cadet. This year he generously donated his Naval sword, which he bought as a junior officer some (many!) years ago, to be awarded in future to the senior Naval Cadet. The sword was handed from David to me as Master Marketor, then to the Headmistress and finally to the Contingent Commander, acquiring the new name, "The Coxswain's Sword" on the way. Later it was awarded to the first worthy recipient.
We also strengthened our relationship with St Dunstan's CCF by introducing a new award for a cadet instructor, one of the adult officers or warrant officers who give up so much time and energy to training and developing the young cadets. This idea was suggested by the current Lord Mayor and we have happily picked it up. The citation for the inaugural winner was greeted by the cadets with a spontaneous standing ovation and great emotion all round - a popular and deserving choice.

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  1. Well done David, a very generous and apt gift!