Monday, 3 May 2010

Fujitsu does us proud

From left to right, Roger Hood, Brigadier Richard Rook, Steven Rowe (Chairman of the Regimental & Cadet Liaison Committee).

Last week Fujitsu hosted a wonderful reception and dinner for newish Freemen of the Marketors and junior leaders (officers and warrant officers) of "our" TA Regiment - 151 Logistic Corps. The idea was the brainchild of Richard Christou, who is both a Marketor and a senior vice-president of Fujitsu, as a way of building relationships at an early stage of their careers between people who will form the future leaders of both organisations. It is a commendably long-term perspective which I warmly welcome as a dimension of this year's Sustainability theme.

Fujitsu is one of the largest suppliers of IT equipment and services to the UK Ministry of Defence. The highlight of the evening was a discussion, facilitated by Roger Hood (triple-hatting as Past Master Marketor, Brigadier TA and Defence Adviser to Fujitsu), between "customer" (151 Regiment) and "supplier", about how the current products and services could be developed further. Nice market research, Roger!

Brigadier Richard Rook spoke about the increasing profile of 151, using as an example their recent spectacular success at the General Officer Commanding's competition, where they not only organised the event, but also won each of the three parts. (Richard assured us that they had not been in charge of the adjudication!)

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