Monday, 12 April 2010

Welcoming home the troops 9th April 2010

On Friday a small group of Marketors were among the families and friends who welcomed home a group of soldiers from our affiliated TA Regiment, who have been serving in Cyprus. They spent several months patrolling the green line between Greek and Turkish Cyprus and making friends with the Hungarian and Argentinian troops who were also serving under the light blue United Nations badge.

It was a hot sunny afternoon and our party shared the garden at a hotel with a wedding. This created a great photo opportunity when the returning soldiers, all in their desert camouflage uniforms, seized the bride (gently!) and carried her for the cameras.

With their own CO, Lt Col Adrian Lee, currently serving in Afghanistan, the honours were done by Brigadier Sheen. He congratulated and thanked the soldiers and especially their families for their willingness to put the interests of the country and the international community ahead of their own. He also thanked the Marketors, both for sponsoring the tea, but more importantly for their encouragement to the Regiment. At a time when the support of the general public for the armed services cannot be taken for granted, it is important to them to know that we are thinking about them and supporting their work.

Frankly, anything that we provide is as nothing compared with what these people do. I am full of admiration for their professionalism, team spirit and cheerful willingness to serve.

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  1. Like you, Venetia, I am full of admiration for what the TA do. On 9th April, I spent a happy afternoon at the St. Dunstan's CCF Easter Camp near Folkestone. The committment and enthusiasm of these boys and girls was truly something to behold; and none of this could take place without the hard work of their adult instructors (many of whom are in the TA as well. I note that in one of youre other blog postings, you mention not discussing politics over Dinner - but I hope that I can mention here that a certain political party's espousement of a Big Society certainly chimes well with me - and particularly so when I see what is happening with TA, Reserves and Cadets.