Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Mercers' Magical Musical evening Tuesday 20th April

Last night my husband and I were guests of the Mercers (No.1 in the order of precedence) for a Livery Concert. The music was organised by an organisation called Musical Rendezvous, who encourage young musicians in their professional development.

Stars of the night for me were the Chinese violinist, Analiza Ching, whose virtuoso playing was enhanced by her wonderful engagement with the audience - all sparkling eyes, provocative dancing and commentary, as she played!

And Soprano, Melissa Alder, who has a glorious voice and again seemed to connect with us all.

The musical selection was mainly light opera and famous musical theatre hits, loved by all. At the end they even achieved some audience participation - never heard before in the hallowed portals of the Mercers' Hall!

Their accompanist, Toby Cruse, was also outstanding.

For more details or performing opportunities contact Musical Rendezvous through David Owen at

Analiza has her own website

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