Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The Worshipful Company of Distillers Wednesday 24th July

Off to visit the delightful Apothecaries Hall where the Company held its Spring Dinner on 30 April.  It was the evening before our Mansion House luncheon to the Lord Mayor and there was much to finalise. However, it was also a blistering hot day and the Clerk and I felt we could do with some light refreshment!  We walked into the Courtyard of the Hall and were greeted by the Distillers Clerk, Edward Macey-Dare, who speedily arranged for us a very welcome Gin and Tonic. This event was the Distillers' Company's (No 69) annual Spirits Tasting event with 200 of the finest spirits in the world to taste, some of which retail for several thousands of pounds.   The IWSC (International Wine and Spirits Competition) is the oldest London wine and spirit competition and is held in the highest regard by the world's spirit companies.  The UK plays a major role in this and London is the management centre not only of the largest international spirits company, but also of many of the famous brands owned by overseas companies.  The Distillers is ideally placed to play an active role in its traditional trade. The evening could be as serious or as social as one chose, with the offer made to me to 'nose' in a proper stillman's manner, which rather suited me and preferable to actually tasting! The Master and the Company members were delightful to meet and, as one would imagine, the hall was packed with eager tasters.  I did decide to cut the evening quite short, despite being encouraged to sign up to a Master Class on Scotch Whisky and Japanese Whisky with Brandy and Cognac thrown in!

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