Tuesday, 5 February 2013

St Paul's Cathedral Monday 4th February

An interesting service at St Paul's Cathedral in the City today to "Confirm the Election of The Right Reverend Justin Portal Welby as Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, Primate of All England and Metropolitan".  The Lord Mayor Roger Gifford was present for this ceremony which forms part of the legal process by which the appointment of the new Archbishop of Canterbury is effected.

The wording used in the process of confirmation has a long history and before the eighteenth century was conducted entirely in Latin.  The Archbishop of York and his fellow bishops acting as Commissaries of HM The Queen and sitting as a Court of Law have to decide if the procedural steps have been properly carried out.  Apparently this service was previously carried out very privately but it had been decided to make this process fit for modern times and sufficiently interesting to entertain a large congregation.  Presumably London wanted some look-in on the process that will lead to the formal enrobing at Canterbury in March. 

Accompanied by bewigged lawyers, much signing of documents, numerous processions and some rousing hymns, Justin Welby finally emerged confirmed as Archbishop of Canterbury.

Joke of the day must go to the Archbishop of York recalling his time when required to speak in St Paul's as Bishop of Stepney.  Someone reminded him that St Paul's had terrible agnostics.


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