Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Regimental Curry


The Regimental Curry Night is an annual event at which 151 (London) Transport Regiment invites twenty Marketors, including partners, to an evening of comradeship and fellowship. As usual there was an excellent choice of curries together with all the trimmings and, of course liquid refreshment with which to wash it down. On this occasion it was held at 240 Transport Squadron's TA Centre in Barnet, the other end of London from Croydon where 151 started in 1801 as The Royal Waggon Train Company.

Our host for the night was Lieutenant Colonel John Kerner and their special guest was Major-General Mark Poffley OBE. As is traditional they both addressed the gathering and, as always, gave some interesting insights into both the life of a soldier and the life of a regiment in the British Army.

This was Lt Col Kerner's first meeting with the Marketors but some how there was instant affinity. He had gone to Cranfield where I am on the advisory panel (admittedly Marketing  not Logistics) and where we offer a Trust Award, he is a member of a Chartered Institute as are most of us, he was recently supporting stakeholders and delivering corporate communications and providing PR in support of development objectives (admittedly political and military ones) but this all took place in Helmund province, Afghanistan. As I explained, when I chose marketing as a career it was with the assumption that it was a zero risk profession. This was truly heroic marketing.

I assume that the discussions which followed the meal went on into the night, as for the Mistress and I we got the last train home. This excellent evening was proof, if needed, of the very close relationship we continue to have with the people of 151 Regiment. Finally our thanks to Event Director Hugh West for making all the arrangements, and to Richard Cristou and his Armed Forces and Cadet Committee who nurture our relationship with 151 and other military groups.

John Flynn
Master Marketor

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