Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Thoroughly Modern Liveries


Every spring and autumn all the Masters and Senior Wardens of the thirty one modern livery companies, those formed since 1978, plus a few of those Guilds aspiring to Worshipful Company, dine together. The last gathering was organised in March by the Marketors (see appropriate blog), but unfortunately I was elsewhere and so unable to act as mine host. On this occasion it was the turn of the Actuaries with there Master, Bill Smith, greeting us. The location was new to me in that it was at Staples Inn Hall, the home of the Chartered Institute of Actuaries, which is located in a delightfully ancient and secluded square behind the Tudor fronted shops in High Holborn.

As always it was fascinating to talk to people from other companies, but even more so as they were at different points in their progression through the ranks. Topics ranged from their company's past history through to future strategies, and were of course seasoned with anecdotes relating to both our roles and our careers. The speaker for the evening was Alderman & Sheriff Elect Jeffrey Evens someone we will be hearing a great deal more of over the next few years.

With future dinners already planned out until the spring of 2021, and the increasing number of Modern Livery Companies, it will be some time before the Actuaries, or indeed the Marketors, host an event again, but future Masters and Senior Wardens can look forward to many years of excellent dinners in delightful company.

John Flynn
Master Marketor   

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