Saturday, 3 March 2012

That was the week


This could be called the week in which nothing happened, in that there were no official duties - well not for me. But some how I was very busy dashing around sorting out speakers and events, popping to the hospital and the dentist, reviewing a musical, working on our strategy, and even getting to the Mansion House one evening, but not a formal City event. I agreed the Dublin trip which it to be the 3rd to the 6th May and will start with a reception with their Lord Mayor and then lots of Guinness. The rest of the time I spent on the day job of City Digital and a mountain of emails - or should it be a cloud.

Meanwhile Brenda attended a luncheon set up by the Stationers Mistress for the Lady Mayoress at the Stationers Hall.  For Brenda one of the delights was the tour of the Hall. We have been there so many time but she knew little of its history - now she is an expert. As always it was apparently an excellent event with delightful company.

And then the big news. On Friday I got a date for the Op, or as I call it "opening day". It is to be the 8th March at St Thomas' Hospital, with me going in on the 7th.  For those not aware I have three furred up pipes and a leaky valve, so it is just a matter of opening the bonnet and doing a repair - sort of. This means that I will out of circulation for a while but have been assured that I will be back running around within six week. What are the bets on how soon I will be back blogging. Fear not, I will spare you the gruesome details.

Fortunately, as Master, I have a great Clerk in Adele and a strong team of Wardens in Sally, Roddy and Michael, so everything will continue as usual. All have assured me that nothing will change while I am away. OK!

John Flynn
Master Marketor      

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