Friday, 20 January 2012


Earlier in the week I was a guest at the Launderers' Court Dinner at Launderers' Hall (sometimes also known as Glaziers' Hall) I have made good friends with Colin Hill, their Master, and have been unable to go to other events to which he would have liked to invite me. He was determined to get me to a Launderers' event and so invited me to their Court Dinner. As we sat down it dawned on me that I was the only guest.
It was a delightful meal marred only slightly when, as we came towards the end of the first course, Colin nonchalantly said would I like to say a few words. I was completely unprepared for this but ever mindful of the name and fame of the Marketors I said yes, of course. The dessert course was consumed whilst I rapidly thought what I might say. Clearly thank you was very much in order to start with. Then I was able to recall that in my early career when working for Lever Brothers I had for a time worked in Lever Industrial-the arm of Lever Brothers which sold soap and detergent to Laundries and other non consumer customers. I could reminisce.
My eye then fell upon the Menu which had the Company's crest on it. It is reproduced here. You can see the two women who flank each side of the crest. Laundering is ancient and was historically, and is perhaps today, female orientated. Ignoring the Company's Chaplain and the representative of their affiliated Regiment, who had just been made an Honorary Liveryman at the preceding Court meeting, there were well over twenty Court members sitting round the table. There was only one woman. I am not one to pass up such an opportunity for gentle ribbing. Happily it went down well. Were my term of office as Master longer I might have been invited back

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