Friday, 15 July 2011

Cocktails at Sundown

Our Regiment-151 (London) Transport Regiment hosted a cocktail party on HMS President last night. This is not a ship but a stone frigate, or shore establishment of the Royal Navy Reserves, near Tower Bridge, who use it as a training centre. It's a wonderful location--perhaps because it was originally the P & O London Ferry Terminal.It was a beautiful evening, quite good enough for everyone to stand on the outside deck overlooking the Thames as the sun slowly sunk in the West. We were also treated to the none too common site of Tower Bridge opening as a large ship cruised lazily Eastwards.
There were a good crowd of people there including a number of London Borough Mayors. In all cases the the massiveness of their gold chains and badges eclipsed most of the Master's Badges and chains that I have seen. It's nice to think that local councils have some of their own gold reserves.

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